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"Everybody can be somebody's hero!"

“Everybody can be somebody’s hero!”


Video Testimonial by Katie, OutServe (Washington DC). Click here to view.




"Trainer to our Heroes"

“Trainer to our Heroes”


“Jonathan was featured in my second installment of ‘My Journey Into Fitness’. He has gone on to bring his skills and abilities to helping people all over with realizing their fitness goals.”    B.A. (Chicago) Feb. 2013



"No limits!"

Core strength is the key.


Video testimonial by William, OutServe (Germany). Click here to view.




Turning dreams into reality.

Turning dreams into reality.


“Jonathan Gatz is a great trainer and a great friend. Let me explain! The first time that I trained with him, he was all about smiles at first, explaining the purpose of the training program but as soon as we started he was all business. He took note of my strengths and weaknesses and went from there. We did a 45 minute session that felt more like a 2 hour session. Why? Because he was very methodic and very efficient. He did not go easy on me and I appreciated that a lot. He is the reason why I went from 235 lbs to 161 lbs. He gave me the motivation and the dedication to do it because of his fitness program and his friendship. He is the real deal and more.”     Cedrick (Chicago) March 2013

Strengthening your core is the key.

No limits!


I met Jonathan Gatz at the end of May 2012.  I had taken advantage of a free training session with him and honestly had absolutely no plans to go beyond one meeting with him.  I have an artificial right elbow joint and have strict physical limitations put on the use of that arm when it comes to lifting weights and performing various movements.  I have dealt with these challenges for approximately 14 years and had my own personal routines down and did not think that any personal trainer would be able to show me anything that I didn’t already know.

When I came in for our first session, I found Jonathan to be very genuine as he listened to me describe my circumstances with my arm and my fitness objectives.  I gave him specifics about not being able to lift weights with my right arm and so on.  Basically, I was talking about traditional gym exercises that seem to form the basis of all the workouts we all think of.

Jonathan utilized his ability to actively listen to what my objectives and concerns were   I was sure I sounded like a crazy man with all that I threw at him.  He didn’t betray any fears he may have had in dealing with someone that was perhaps a bit “overly communicative.”  What I came to realize is that there was no such thing and that Jonathan encourages the discussion.  I truly felt comfortable with him because of this and learned that he really wants you to be an active part in conveying your needs, questions, and concerns.

Jonathan is truly focused on his clients and their  journey into achieving their goals.

After our discussion, he then put me through an evaluation session that included standard tests like stepping up on platforms and so on.  The revelation that Jonathan was truly a superb trainer came when he then introduced new workout options that I had never considered (and even avoided) because of my arm.  He confidently addressed the support issue with my right arm and had me engaged in physical activity that I truly FELT in a fantastic way.

The movements he had me perform totally expanded the parameters of my workout options and how I approach my workouts even now.  I learned that you didn’t even need weights to get an effective workout in.  Most importantly, through this session, he gave me the confidence to try these moves because he assured me he would be there should I need the assistance.  True to his word, I felt secure and confident that should I start to slip up, I was covered.  Lo and behold, I was able to execute those moves just fine!  You can’t imagine how excited I was (and this was just the evaluation)!

48 sessions later and I am now a convert to personal training because of Jonathan.  I highly recommend him to anybody that is looking to start making a change to incorporate physical fitness into their lives.  He’s perfect across the board for novices and hardcore workout enthusiasts looking to push themselves even further.      Bernard  (Chicago) March 2013



Jonathan Gatz, President & Trainer and Tom Nibbio, CEO & Manager

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